Car Care Tips

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How to keep your car Interior clean and safe.
  • Vacuum clean the car interiors regularly.
  • Use Auto Cleaner to clean up spills and to effectively remove spots and eliminate odors.
  • Use a soft microfiber cloth to gently clean away dust so as to avoid scratch in the plastic surfaces.
  • For Leather seats you need to use leather cleaner and conditioning specially designed for car seats.
  • If your car seats get wet, keep the windows open, to avoid the formation of fungus.
  • Use vinyl cleaner to wipe down the vinyl areas, such as dashboard, door handles, consoles and storage bins.
  • Refresh your car with air freshener to keep the interior smelling fresh and clean.
  • Avoid eating food inside the car or else clean the areas immediately to avoid bad odors and pests into the car.
How to Protect and maintain your Car Exterior.
  • Frequent washing is the best thing to maintain your vehicle finish and preserve its showroom shape.rline scratches. Use a specially designed car washing mitt or sponge to clean your cars body.
  • Never use household cleaners like hand soap, dish washing soap on your car\\\'s paint. Use only Auto Shampoo or Polishes to wash and polish your car.
  • Don't leave dead bugs, bird droppings or tree saps on your car; remove as soon as possible to avoid staining the paint.
  • If you fail to rinse your vehicle off after a period of rainy weather the acidic chemicals in the rainwater will be left on the surface after the droplets have evaporated, leaving a mark that can permanently ruin the paint.
  • Use soft (normal) water to wash your car, Hard water (which contains minerals) will leave a film on paint surface.
  • Avoid parking the car in the direct sunlight for an extended period of time. It will cause the paint to blister. Use covered parking or shade wherever possible.
  • Six month duration polish your vehicle with a professional detailer to extend the life of your car.